How long will the groom take?

The length of time a groom take depends on what breed of dog you have, the type of coat, the condition of the coat, the style you require, the temperament of your dog and the age of your dog. For example a Yorkshire Terrier will take less time than a Newfoundland, but every dog is different. Some do not take to grooming as naturally as others so may require a little bit more care and attention. Generally allow 2 to 3 hours for the groom. We will call you 30 minutes before your dog is ready to be collected. Our main concern is the welfare of your dog whilst it is in our care and to make the grooming process an enjoyable and safe experience for your dog & the groomer.

How much does it cost?

The cost will depend on the breed of dog, the specified style and the condition of your dog's coat. Please call or use the contact form on the homepage to discuss the details of your dog and the groom you require. Please note all prices are based on the following - average breed size, regularly groomed & co-operative well behaved dogs. Additional charges may be applied for - non-standard breed size, matted coats and non-co-operative behaviour.

Can I stay with my dog?

Generally it is better if the owners do not stay. If your dog can see you then this usually distracts your dog and could lead to it trying to jump off the grooming table which can be dangerous.

Do you cut nails?

Yes nail trimming comes as part of the grooming process. Some dog's may need this done in-between grooms if their nails grow quickly or they are walked mainly on soft surfaces like grass. If a dog's nails are left to grow too long this can be very painful for the dog as it is like stubbing your toes every time you walk, and in some cases can lead to joint problems, broken or split nails. Nail trim only appointments are available, please call or fill out the contact form on the homepage.

How is my dog dried?

All dog's are dried using a high velocity stand hair dryer. The dryers have adjustable temperature and air flow rates so can be adjusted to ensure the comfort of your dog at all times. However, the time taken to dry a dog can vary depending on the coat thickness and the temperament of the dog. We try to ensure the drying process is as comfortable and stress free as possible.

My dog's hair is knotted so does that mean it will be cut short?

In some cases yes it will. If a dog's hair is allowed to knot and develop matts this can not only be very painful for the dog as the hair will pull on its skin but it can also be very unhealthy for the dog. To ensure a dog's coat is cleaned thoroughly during the bathing process it is necessary to brush out all the knots. If the hair is matted it may be possible to de-matt but if this process is going to cause a lot of pain and discomfort for the dog it is better to clip off the matts and start again. In most cases de-matting is possible without causing the dog any pain or discomfort, therefore saving the coat. As this can take longer an extra charge of £15 per hour will be applied to the cost of the groom.

Do you do Hand Stripping?

Yes hand stripping is available on breeds whose coat requires hand stripping, for example Border Terrier, Wire Haired Fox Terrier, Jack Russell, Airedale and Schnauzer. Hand stripping involves plucking the hair by hand or more commonly using a stripping tool rather than clippers to reduce the length of the coat, this results in a coarser texture. As it takes longer the charge is higher.

Will my dog be muzzled?

Muzzles are very seldom used, however if your dog shows signs of aggression or biting/licking at the clippers or scissors it will be necessary in the interests of safety for the groomer and dog.

Can I bring some treats with my dog?

Yes, this is encouraged as we can use the treats to reward your dog during the grooming process. If you do not provide treats and it is necessary to use them, an extra charge of between £1 to £5 will be applied to the cost of the groom depending on how many are used.

Can you use a shampoo supplied by my vet?

Yes, please bring the shampoo with you along with the vet's instructions for use.

I've booked an appointment but need to cancel what do I do?

Unfortunately sometimes events occur where you might not be able to make your appointment and we understand that, but we do require you to let us know as soon as possible as another customer may be able fill your appointment. Please try to give us at least 24 hrs notice of cancellation; anything under this may result in a charge of 30% of the cost of the groom.