Absolutely Wagulous is owned and run by Michelle Pratt, who is Level 2 & 3 City & Guilds Qualified in Dog Grooming.

Salon address is 58 Smithbarn, Horsham, West Sussex RH13 6DU

At Absolutely Wagulous not only will we make your dog look fabulous but we will make them feel fabulous and relaxed during their groom. Our main priority is your dog's welfare while they are in our care so we follow the Animal Welfare Act 2006 five freedoms:

Freedom from Hunger & Thirst - We always supply fresh drinking water during the groom.

Freedom from Discomfort - Our salon is a safe, secure & comfortable environment. Provisions are made for older or infirm dogs which include height adjustable tables & baths or the use of a ramp.

Freedom from Pain, Injury or Disease - A 7 point health check is carried out on all dogs to ensure they are in good health. All grooming equipment is thoroughly cleaned between dogs.

Freedom to Express Normal Behaviour - When your dog is with us it is able to move around as normal; we do not restrict movement with lots of harnesses.

Freedom from Fear & Distress - We make grooming a fun & interesting experience for your pet and realise that some dogs need more time during grooming than others.



I just wanted to thank you again for doing such a great job with Dougal yesterday. Not only does he look and smell fantastic but unlike previous grooming experiences elsewhere he came away happy and seemed very unstressed by the whole process (this has not been the case in the past).

Thank you for the care and attention paid to our slightly bonkers and now much less woolly springer Dougal. We'll be back next time he needs 'sorting out'.

Sarah, Adrian and Dougal

Amazing! Rodney always comes back calm and relaxed, she offers an excellent service, pick up and drop off, little reminder when the next appointment is.


Lionel is doing so so well at the groomers now. Hated water at first, wouldn't go on the table, wouldn't have his ears or claws done. 3rd visit and he stayed on the table and stood completely still whilst being groomed, did not seem to notice having claws and ears done. Actually seemed to enjoy his bath more this time as he did not cry or try to climb out and I didn't get soaked trying to hold him in! Left with his tail wagging. Thanks for all your hard work Michelle x


(The above dog is a Greyhound that had never been groomed before. I am working with his owners to help get him over his worries about grooming and make it a happy experience for him. He is a lovely dog and is doing really well.)

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Holbrook Animal Rescue


Holbrook Animal Rescue is a rescue centre based in Horsham West Sussex. They aim to provide loving homes for as many animals as possible, from dogs & cats to horses, bunnies & many other animals.

To find out more information please visit their weebsite www.holbrookanimalrescue.co.uk